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Photo Bloto and Short Fanfic by LoCo-LoBos Photo Bloto and Short Fanfic by LoCo-LoBos
    The first thing judy was aware of was an incessant beeping. her ears ringing. her her body numb. she struggled to open her eyes. she regretted opening them. the world was bright, blinding and white. As she closed her eyes to return to comforting oblivion she became aware of someone talking. A man speaking in a hushed anxius tone filled with concern. "Bonny! Bonny Wake up, she's awake!" A paw clasped around hers, followed by another. "Oh sweet cheese and crackers my baby!" judys eyes stayed open this time. As she adjusted to the light, she thought about how it should hurt.

    "mom?" she tried to say. it came out as a raspy moan. her second attempt was more successful. "don't talk too much judy, your thoat need to rest." They were hugging her now, and were joined by at least a dozen other bodies, and a hundred voices saying "thank god! you're awake! we missed you!" and the like. "Guys! why am i in a-" her thoughts stopped their. And she remembered.

    The rally...her speech...


    "wheres Gideon!" She bolted up and felt light headed, or as much as she could being pumped full of drugs. Stu gently forced her head down back on the pillow. "Hes...intact."

    That reply left her unsatisfied. "what happened." she wasn't asking. Bonny and Stu gave each other a look, and her siblings seemed to hush. Bonny pulled out her phone and swiped and tapped the screen a few time, and then handed it to her.

Fox turns savage at Rally.

    Her heart plummeted as she read. it was written half a month ago.

    Gideon Gray, life partner to controversial mayoral candidate Judy Hopps, became the two hundredth and ninety fifth predator to become savage in the years since the collar initiative was implemented. He did so as the popular candidate and advocate for various interspecies rights was giving the closing parts of her speech. The fox pounced and tore at her throat until ZPD removed and sedated him. Judy Hopps is in critical condition while the fox is being held in the Zootopia detention facility to studying savage predators.

    it went on to say how it could validate her opponents claims for continuing the collar initiative, and how members of the pray populace were reconsidering voting for her. her mother's voice interrupted "I didn't think he could really be like them." Her blood boiled so hot she could feel it through the drugs "I mean, he was always a menace as a kit but this-" "It wasn't him!" Judy knew Gideon, he was a menace, but then he and every other predator was collared and he became a victim. He gave her the resolve to pursue her dreams when he scared her face. and when she saw him beaten and ignored by the people who should be caring, he gave her the direction she needed.

    why should she be a cop when they let so much happen. He told her it was stupid that she would stand up for predators like him. "I'm just a carrot farming dumb bunny remember?" He laughed, and then told her that he would be at her side. "let Preds like me know your on our side." and over the years they grew closer. closer than what many would be comfortable with. She was lucky her family was so accepting of them. "We don't like it. but if you're happy then we can cope. Good families don't judge."

"Preds don't just go savage." it was over, Her mind made up. "Ok sweet pea." she know they didn't believe her. "Before we go the chief of police wanted to talk to you in private." Her patient shooed her bothers and sisters out of the room, replaced by chief Bogo. "Miss Hopps." "Chief Bogo."

"I have to apologize." That was not what she was expecting. "Why?" it's not like he knew Gideon would go savage.

"I used you as bait."

Ok she was not exactly expecting that either. "Can you elaborate?"

"You are the fifth mammal in a position to change things to be either attacked, or go savage." Judy remembered. "And one other candidate was involved in a scandal they claimed to know nothing about. I'm a cop. I have a hard time believing in coincidences."

"why is this happening?" She needed to know. begged to know. "there's a conspiracy in my city...and in the ZDP...I don't like it."

"Why tell me about this?" why indeed "Because an officer I trust saw a ram with a sniper pointed right at your partner. And I need you to be careful. Whatever he fired, it made your partner savage! You're an advocate of predators, you're surrounded by them."

She was the perfect target!

"Miss Hopps. you have to promise me something" she nodded. "if Bellwether or Swinton talk to you about anything, if you feel you may be in danger, I need you to call me." he handed her his number. "I have a guy shadowing you. not part of the ZPD, owes me a favor."


"Nick Wild, a fox, real smartass, likes stupid hawaiian shirts. But if there's one thing he know it's this city and he can keep you safe." "thank you. I'll keep an eye out for him"

"Goodbye Miss Hopps."

As he left she tapped his number into her contacts. She was about to close it when she saw the photo tab. 

She tapped it and went through her memories. and settled on a photo her brother jack had taken. She was just standing next to Gideon in the dress he picked out. "Ta make you more mayor like." he said. Someone targeted him. Made him a monster. She was going to win that election.

And everyone was going to know how she would never had gotten their if it wasn't for Gideon Gray!
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Ziblink Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Might wanna proof-read that description a bit. Otherwise, very nice AU indeed.
LoCo-LoBos Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ugh that sounds like work!

if i find the time.
Ziblink Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer

I know, it's such a burden. I get others to proof-read my stuff for me, I pay them in packing peanuts.
LoCo-LoBos Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well i dont have styrofoam blobs so ill just leave it as is for now.
pictomancer-TypeB Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
Yessss. Please more pleaseeeeeee! I will sacrifice as many goats as it takes!
LoCo-LoBos Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
at least two more!
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