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Part 3 - I can't draw glass by LoCo-LoBos Part 3 - I can't draw glass by LoCo-LoBos
     Nick wild could not believe how easy this job sounded. Just keep the bunny in a safe place in-between her public appearances and that was it! But the catch was the place Bogo chose as her refuge. Honey would not like a prey skulking about. If he hadn’t agreed to let her check the bunny and her mommy over when they arrived she would have thrown an even bigger fit. And besides…he would also get to ask a special favor from the future mayor. He smiled to himself, it would be no different than any other hustle. “Little bunny? You owe me big time.”

    And their she was, sitting in the bench they had agreed to meet on; the Zootopia detention Facility to studding savage predators just on the other end of the park. “Hey their carrots!” Judy’s face showed her immediate annoyance with hearing the nickname out loud. “Calling me that over the phone is one thing. Saying in public is just rude. We barely even know each other!” Oh that were she’s wrong. “I’m sorry. I thought you were just some hick from a big family in a small town who felt like she could just show up one day and make the world see just how bad it was and it would somehow change.” Her brow creased. “Only to find out just how much worse Zootopia is then the country. Though ill hand it to you, I really do like how you managed to weed out all the half decent mammals in this city.” Judy rolled her eyes. “Wow…what a backpawed compliment. I can really see how well were gonna get along.”

    “Just telling it how I see it.” He took a breath. “So you needed to see someone before we go?” Judy nodded. “Yes. He’s in there.” He turned.
Now he knew she was getting back at him, and all without having to change her schedule. The one place that no predator wanted to enter unless they were visiting. “Oh good. The five star hotel for wackjobs.”Judy wanted to shoot something back, but was already sobered by what she knew she would see.

    As she talked to the receptionist Nick began to think of topics to pass the time; something to deflate the situation as they made their way through the building. Walking in the hall to where the receptionist had pointed, he found his topic. “Gotta say. I can barely see any scars from your little accident.” Judy gave a small smile. “Well the skin was torn open, not torn off, and having a bunch of siblings to donate tissue helps.” Nick returned with his own grin. “Any names? I can’t imagine remembering everyone with a family as large as yours.” Her smile grew. “Marco donated blood and Jenny was from the same litter as me, so I guessed that helped.” Nick gave a small chuckle. ”I guess that fox couldn’t do too much in just a few seconds.” Her smile shrank. “That fox is who we are going to see.” He was about to question why until they stopped.

    And he saw the cell. A deer with a dart gun standing outside.

    Inside where two mammals. A ram in a protective suit that all doctors wore when replacing a predator’s collar, and a naked fox going to town on him. Biting, snarling and tearing as much of the suit as he could. The scratches and marks telling them how fruitless the foxes efforts were and how long the two have been struggling.

    The name on the cells digital lock read G Gray-295, followed by a timer counting up. Judy let out a sigh. If her ears could droop anymore they would have hit the floor. “Oh Giddy…”

    Oh! Nick realized. It was that fox after all.
    The other fox seemed to notice them and faced the pair, opening his mouth wide in a silent show of his teeth. Nick didn’t need to be a savage to understand basic fox body language. “Yep! He is not a happy camper.” G Grey seemed to take offence to his comment and made a mad dash right at him. Smashing into the glass wall and trying to claw at the other fox, screaming the entire time. The ram standing inside suddenly pulled out his dart gun.

“Alright big guy, play times over!” And G Grey collapsed into an undignified pose, and had also bitten his tongue. Judy felt her heart sink. She placed her paw on the glass, and let herself be consumed by resolve to do exactly what Nick mad fun of her for.

    She was going to fix everything

    And then Nick opened his mouth.

“So…your boy-toy is all burly and fat. Can he keep up with a bunny libido? How big is “carrot?” I couldn’t get a good look.”

    She felt it happen. The absolute deflation of her sorrow into annoyance. The realization that her life now involved living with a mammal who would stop at nothing until he found all her buttons. The hurt left her face, replaced with the jaded expression only a bunny with two hundred and seventy five siblings that had all asked the same question at one time or another could have.

    The ram exited the room and began shrugging off the armor. Thank god! A way to escape the conversation…with conversation!

    “Excuse me sir? Can you explain what was going on in their?” Please have time to talk! “wuh? Oh! We can’t have the preds sedated the whole time, I mean some have been like this for years!” he shrugged of more of his suit showing a shirt that read Volunteer. “So we spend at least two hours every two days exorcising them so their muscles don’t atrophy.” Judy nodded “Yeah. I remember reading that if they stayed awake too long the stress could cause irreparable damage, even kill them."

    She was going to ask more but the forgotten deer seemed to emit a beeping sound. She pulled out a phone and spoke up. “Hey Remmy! Your show starts in half an hour. Wanna go home?” I can take care of the rest.”

    Judy stopped paying attention. She couldn’t escape nick. And right on que, nick spoke again.  “You never answered my question carrots.” He inched closer. “How big, is his carrot?”

    “We have an agreement.” She voiced with restrained fury “let’s go pick up my mom and get to your ”oh so special” hiding place.”

    Nick's van was not exactly the cleanest place, it wasn’t even his he claimed, but bonnie wasn’t complaining out loud. She was too busy chatting it up with nick. And to her surprise Nick was seemingly enjoying their talk. “Oh this is such an adventure! You know the only eventful thing to happen in my life was when my brother Terry went bonkers for a few days!” she couldn’t believe how fast her mom got used to him being stuck in a car for an hour. She had to guess letting Gideon live with her family softened her up to foxes.

    “I remember when Judy was little-” Judy immediately caught on to what was happening.

    Oh god no.

    “-all she wanted to do was-” Please Frith NO!

    “-be a police officer.” Distract! Distract now before he can use it against me!

    “MOM! Why don’t you tell him about the crush you had on Bobby’s dad when you were both thirteen!”

    Bonnie was about to say something, but Nick cut in. “Karma! You wanted to be a cop?” Judy slammed her face against the door windows glass, unable to stop what was to come.

    “It was all she wanted to do when she was little. She just had to solve everyone’s problems.”

    “So she always had a pathological need to fight the bad guys? No wonder she wants to be mayor!” Judy wished the drive was over, just so she could set her laptop down and type her next address and formulate her campaign. ”So what made her want to be mayor?” Judy hardened. But Bonny seemed to finally pick up on her emotions “that’s not for me to tell.”
“Well we can talk later we're finally here.”

    The group left the van and found themselves standing in a parking lot outside an abandoned overgrown factory building on a pier. Judy spoke up. “This is it? It’s certainly remote.” Nick pointed to the community health clinic across the street opposite of the factory. “Like I told you. My friend Honey will want to check you over before we take you to the real place.”

    They walked up and entered the doors. Inside at the reception desk was what Judy could only describe as a cheetah perfect for a Santa suit drinking from a Gazelle mug. “Nick you made it! Is that...” the Cheetah stopped and took a deep gasp. “O…M…Goodness! Judy Hopps! I can’t believe we are playing host to the most famous rabbit amongst predators!” Judy smiled and walked up to shake his paw. “It’s always nice to meet a fan.”

    “I gotta say you are even cuter in person!”

    Judy was about to explain what that word meant, but her mother beat her to it. “sorry to say this but “cute” is a word that only bunnies can say to bunnies.’ the cheetah took another gasp, his expression turned to absolute shame. “I am so sorry! Benjamin Clawhouser! I’m the face of this little operation here. Greeting everyone with a smile!” and smile he did, a smile that radiated pure warmth and innocence. Judy had to wonder how he and nick seemed to get along. “Honey is just down the hall. She’s friendly. Just a little kooky.”

    Escorted by nick down the hall, the three of them came up to the door of their destination. “Honey! The bunnies are here!”

    The door swung open to reveal a badger in a doctor’s coat standing in an examination room.

    “Oh this is them? She looked the two bunnies over. And then moved right into Judy’s face. “And this is her?” She took a sniff and stepped back. “You know when you first showed up on the radar I scrambled to find anything linking you to the enemy. There’s no real connections so I guess you’re clean. Also the metal detector only found your jewelry and phones…and laptop.

    Bonny was just as confused as her daughter. “Enemy?” Nick mouthed “sheep” which only fueled their confusion. “When we go inside you’ll need to turn off the Wi-Fi and data on your laptops and phones. It policy. If you need to badly I’ll let you use mine with supervision.” Judy was about to ask why until Honey pressed tiles on the wall in sequence. And the wall gave way. Showing a lit stair case that went deep. “Step inside.” Said Nick with a smirk that Judy desperately wished she could punch.

    One turn and a walk later they came up a second set of stairs into a room with chairs and the words “Collar check in/out” above a set of doors. A sign read “know your heart rate. See Doctor Badger if confused.”

    Honey broke the silence. “This is strictly for preds only. You being allowed in here is privilege. What you are about to see is the only place that preds can let loose and be themselves for twenty bucks a mammal. Fifteen for cubs and the like.” Honey opened the doors.

    And Judy’s jaw dropped.

    She was standing in front of an indoor amusement park. Rides, games, and a large, mostly green field. All contained in the abandoned factory.

    And nick spoke in a voice with practiced showmanship.

    “You’ll never be bored here at night! Welcome to Wild Times!”

    Judy looked at nick. “Wild times?”

    Nick's smile faltered “what?”
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